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Course Description

This Deployment Professional can plan, install, configure and troubleshoot a new implementation of the UrbanCode Deploy product.


The Deployment Professional can also upgrade, update, configure and troubleshoot existing installations of UrbanCode Deploy.

Certification Number:

Test C5050-062: Rational UrbanCode Deploy




Module 1: How UrbanCode Deploy fits within IBM DevOps

Recognize and describe the IBM approach to DevOps, Identify and describe the capabilities that UrbanCode Deploy delivers to IBM DevOps.

Module 2: Implementing Security in UrbanCode Deploy

Use UC Deploy to configure group and team roles, Use UC Deploy to configure External security realms including LDAP.

Module 3: Programming and Plugins

Determine the various types of plugins for UC Deploy, Use automation and source configuration plugins in UC Deploy.

Module 4: UrbanCode Deploy Architecture

Identify the concepts of Resources, Resource Groups, Agents, Agent Relays Agent Pools and Recognize the elements of the Basic Usage.

Module 5: UrbanCode Deploy Integrations

Identify UC Deploy integration capabilities with other products and Identify UC Deploy and Cloud integration capabilities.

Module 6: Using UrbanCode Deploy

Determine the requirements for product installation, Use UC Deploy to create and configure Applications, Related Environments, Processes.